Gel Documentation System (WIFI UV'siz Jel Görüntüleme ve Dokümantasyon Sistemi)

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Gel Documentation System (UV Free for Flourescent Stain Detection)
Slite 200 WB
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Jel Görüntüleme ve Dokümantasyon Sistemi (WIFI / Kablosuz Bağlantılı) (LED - UV - White Table)
Slite 200 BW + UV
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UV Free for Flourescent Stain Detection!!


  Slite 200BW is a compact gel documentation system with user-friendly features of easy operation and quick response when in wifi environment under standalone condition. This imaging system consists of a scientific CCD camera, motor driven lens, 535nm filter, and blue/white light transilluminator. The chemifluorescence stains such as Cy2, SYPRO Ruby, SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Safe, Midori Green, and Ecodye, etc...excited by blue light can easily be observed and be captured by Slite 200BW.  Along with the eco-friendly colorfluor blue light application, Slite 200BW is also compatible with UV light illuminator that PIE carries.  But the UV light illuminator product is optional. 
Followed the design concept of a single, independent workstation with a single all-in-one processor embedded inside, Slite 200BW does not require any extra desktop computer to operate the system on. The 8” built-in touch screen LCD panel that Slite 200BW possesses can directly handle the image data without any difficulty. Moreover, smart user’s interface and vivid icons Slite 200BW carries can rapidly capture gel images with high accuracy. With the use of Slite 200BW, you are able to enjoy a worry-free experience while collecting the gel imaging data after gel electrophoresis in the laboratory.

• Tablet/smartphone/PC wireless remote control
• Flexible Light Source: Replaceable UV and blue light illuminator.
• Fluorescent Light (blue light) Applications: Cy2, SYPRO Ruby, SYBR Safe, SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Gold, Midori Green images• Increased sensitivity and dynamic range
• White Light Applications: Colorimetric image such as Sliver Stain, Coomassie Blue, and colony plate observation images.

1.Trans and Epi blue light for agarose gel and western blot membrane.
2.Dedicated for SYBR Safe, Cy2, SYPR O Ruby, SYBR Green I/II, Midori Green, SYBR Gold images
3.White backlight table for Sliver Stain and Coomassie Blue images
4.12 bit scientific grade CCD camera up to 2 M pixel
5.Focus gel sample via automatic focusing system
6.Wireless data transmission


I. Image Capturing Unit

Camera Set
CCD Sensor Sony CCD Sensor
Pixel Size (µm, VxH) 4.65 x 4.65
Dynamic Range 0 to 3.6 OD
Exposure Time Up to 10 sec
Capture Resolution 2.0M; 1600x1200
A-D Converter 12 bit
Saving Bit Depth 8,16 bits/channel
Lens Set
Lens Type 6 X Zoom Lens
Lens Operation Motor-driven Lens
Focus Auto Focus
View Area 20 x 16 cm
Lens Mount C-mount

II. Intelligent Darkroom

Filter Set
Filter Turret Motor-Driven, 6 position
Emission Filter 535 nm
Control Set
Display Panel Build-in 8” Touch TFT LCD
Standalone Control Touch Screen Interface
Image Storage USB Storage & WiFi
Lighting Set
Colorfluor 200B 20 x 20cm. 470nm Led Light
White Back Light 21 x 26 cm Led Back Light
Epi White Light Led White Light
UV Transillumintor 20 x 20cm. 302nm UV Light (Optional)

III. Packing

1D or 2D Analysis Totalab 1D (Optional)
Accessory Power Cord, User Manual, Warrany Card

 IV. General Info

Power 100V-240V
Dimension (WxHxD) 300x500x400mm
Weight 29K
Certification CE, FCC

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