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CytoOne Well Plate, TC-treated


Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
CytoOne 6-Well Plate, TC-Treated, Şeffaf (Katalog Ürünüdür)
1 Ad/pk 1,68 EUR
+%18 KDV
19,82 TL
CytoOne 24-Well Plate, TC-treated, Şeffaf (Katalog Ürünüdür)
1 Ad/pk 1,95 EUR
+%18 KDV
23,01 TL
CytoOne 12-Well Plate, TC-treated,Şeffaf (Katalog Ürünüdür)
1 Ad/pk 2,25 EUR
+%18 KDV
26,55 TL
CytoOne 96-Well Plate, TC-Treated Şeffa (Katalog ürünüdür)
1 Ad/pk 2,34 EUR
+%18 KDV
27,61 TL
CytoOne 48-Well Plate, TC-treated, Şeffaf (Katalog Ürünüdür)
1 Ad/pk 2,43 EUR
+%18 KDV
28,67 TL
12 Well Cell Culture Plate, Flat, TC, Sterile
50Ad/pk 91 USD
+%18 KDV
966,42 TL


Premium Plates

Non-reversible lids with condensation rings minimise contamination and are vented for improved gas exchange. Lids also feature support tabs that minimize surface contact when set aside or propped open. A frosted writing surface at one end facilitates labeling. Individually wrapped with lot number. Manufactured from premium grade, non-toxic virgin polystyrene. 






  • Optical clarity provides distortionfree microscopy
  • Gripping areas on plate bases (clear) for secure handling
  • Complete chimney wells for 360° cross contamination prevention
  • Moulded alpha-numeric matrix to identify wells
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogen free
  • Gamma sterilised
  • Tissue culture treated plates for optimum cell attachment and growth
Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar