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CytoOne Tissue Culture Flask (Hücre Kültürüne Uygun)


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CytoOne T-25 Tissue Culture Flask
10 Ad/pk 9,06 EUR
+%18 KDV
320,72 TL
CytoOne T-75 Tissue Culture Flask
5 Ad/pk 10,5 EUR
+%18 KDV
371,70 TL
CytoOne T-75 Flask, TC-Treated, Hava Geçirgen Kapaklı, Bacalı Yeşil Kapaklı (Katalog Ürünüdür)
5 Ad/pk 15 EUR
+%18 KDV
531,00 TL
CytoOne T-25 Flask, TC Treated, Hava Geçirgen Kapaklı, Bacalı Yeşil Kapaklı (Katalog Ürünüdür)
10 Ad/pk 15,78 EUR
+%18 KDV
558,61 TL
CytoOne T-225 Tissue Culture Flask
25 Ad/pk 129 EUR
+%18 KDV
4.566,60 TL
CytoOne T-150 Tissue Culture Flask
40 Ad/pk 144 EUR
+%18 KDV
5.097,60 TL
CytoOne T-225 Flask TC-Treated Şeffaf Ürün bacalı Yeşil Kapak (Katalog Ürünüdür)
25 Ad/pk 148,02 EUR
+%18 KDV
5.239,91 TL
CytoOne T-150 Flask TC-Treated Şeffaf ürün Bacalı Yeşil Kapak (Katalog Ürünüdür)
40 Ad/pk 155,01 EUR
+%18 KDV
5.487,35 TL


Pressure Tested

Two-position plug seal cap lets you choose either secure manual venting or an airtight seal.

Convenient molded volume graduations and frosted writing surfaces. T-25, T-75, and T-150 flasks have traceable lot numbers etched into the base. All flasks are 100% pressure tested for leak-free assurance. 


  • Easy-open, resealable zip-top bags protect unused flasks
  • Stacking rims with vented design for thermal equalisation
  • Anti-tip skirts and base bars improve stability
  • Wide necks provide easy access while minimising contamination
  • Optical clarity provides distortion-free microscopy
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogen free
  • Gamma sterilised
  • Tissue culture treated flasks for optimum cell attachment and growth
Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar