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3D-IW8, Inteliwasher (Microplate Yıkayıcı)


Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
3D-IW8 Mikropleyt yıkayıcı 3 adet 1 lt solüsyon şişesi, 1 adet 2 lt atık şişesi
1 Adet 4485 EUR
+%20 KDV
220.662,00 TL


Minimum dispence volume 25 μl
Maximum dispense volume 1600 μl
Dispense increment 25 μl
Dispensing accuracy    
Allowed residual liquid volume in plate well, not more
2 μl
Number of wells washed simultaneously 8
Number of washing cycles 1–15
Aspiration time 1–3 sec
Final aspiration time 1–3 sec
Aspiration/dispensing speed 3 levels
Max. number of channels in a program 2
Choice of 3 washing liquid bottles  
Soaking time 0–300 sec (increment 10 sec)
Shaking time 0–150 sec (increment 5 sec)
Number of washed rows 1 – 12
Time of one plate wash (300 μl), not more 65 sec
Number of programs 50
Plate platform and washing head movement automated
Indication of operation modes LCD, 8-line
Dimensions 375 х 345 х 180 mm
Weight with accessories 10.5 kg
External power supply DC 12 V, 4.16 A
Consumed power, not more 60 W
The unit is designed for use in closed laboratory rooms at temperatures from +10°С to +35°С and relative humidity up to 80% at +25°С decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 35°C.
Logger dimensions 267х252х97 mm
Logger weight, not more 3 kg


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4CHW Data Logger
1 Adet 600 EUR
+%20 KDV
29.520,00 TL