OmniDOC Gel Görüntüleme ve Dökümantasyon Sistemi

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OmniDOC Gel Görüntüleme ve Dökümantasyon Sistemi
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Key Features

  • Pre-focused 5 mega pixel monochrome camera
  • Interchangeable filter slide with 620nm as standard
  • Viewing pane with universal amber filter
  • Internal white LED – aids gel positioning
  • Slide-out 312nm transilluminator
  • Optional white light table
  • Optional Blue light modules
  • Large 21x26cm filter area


The omniDOC from Cleaver Scientific offers high performance gel documentation and analysis at a relatively low cost. By providing many of the features used by leading gel documentation brands, but without the added price premium, each omniDOC system presents a simple but sophisticated imaging solution for most laboratories.

A high resolution 5 mega pixel monochrome camera with slide-out UV transilluminator, and optional blue epi-illu-mination module and white light table, makes the omniDOC suitable for imaging most fluorescent and colorimetric gels, while a USB port requires a cable to connect the dark room assembly to an external PC for control.

Imaging applications are made easy by a pre-focused camera that requires little or no manual adjustment, while simple one-click image acquisition and analysis software guides the user through every step of the gel documentation process. A front LED indicator panel reveals at a glance the light source in use, whereas a viewing screen with universal filter and spring-loaded cover facilitates safe and convenient gel inspection.

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Ürün Ölçü Fiyat KDV TL Miktar
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