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MV-10WDSYS Mini Wide Vertical Gel Electrophoresis

Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
Mini Wide Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus; MiniWide 20 x 10cm Dual, 2 sets of Glass plates with 1mm thick bounded spacers, 2 x 24 sample, 1mm thick combs, cooling pack, dummy plate and casting base
1 Set 1900 USD
+%20 KDV
86.640,00 TL
Product Description

Mini Wide Vertical Electrophoresis System with a gel width of 20cm effectively doubles the number of samples that can be resolved when compared to the Mini Vertical Electrophoresis System. This allows consistency of sample comparison on a single gel and is designed for those with greater than 20 samples to compare and resolve. Simple set up using ultra soft silicone seals guarantees trouble free glass plate loading and gel casting. Dual gaskets on the gel running insert along with notched and plain glass plates ensure leak proof gel running. Rapid set up cooling retains resolution in extended separations and also saves on buffer volume without affecting run quality. 4mm thick glass plates reduce breakage and have bonded spaces for added convenience. A wide range of accessories are available to allow for many techniques to be performed using the same unit. Prep combs can be used to maximize sample loading and recovery.

  • Offers the capacity of two mini gels on a single gel

  • Rapid gel casting and loading

  • Low buffer consumption

  • Single molded tank

  • Run up to 4 gels at one time

  • Great indications for gel making and running

  • Ice cooling pack

  • Easy gel casting and no gel leakage

  • Competitive pricing



Cat. No.  MV-10WDSYS
 Unit Dimension (W x L x H)  260 x 160 x 160mm
 Plate Dimension (W x L)  200 x 100mm
 Gel Dimension (W x L)  180 x 80mm
 Maximum Sample  192 samples, 48 samples per gel
 Buffer Volume  600 ~ 2800ml
 Ice Cooling Pack  Yes
 Dummy Plate and Casting Base  Yes
 Construction   Injection molded construction
 Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life
 Electrical safety   Lid can be fastened in only one way
 On removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
 Rapid Casting Gel  Use casting dams

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Extra Dummy Plate, 20 x 10cm
1 Adet 50 USD
+%20 KDV
2.280,00 TL
Extra 20 x 10cm Plain Glass Plates
Pk of 2 150 USD
+%20 KDV
6.840,00 TL
Extra 20 x 10cm Notched Glass Plates
Pk of 2 180 USD
+%20 KDV
8.208,00 TL