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0.1ml qPCR 96 well Plate (BEYAZ) (Roche Type) (semi skirted)

Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
0.1mL Low Profile qPCR Well Plate Yarım Etekli
10Ad/pk 33,75 USD
+%20 KDV
1.539,00 TL
0.1ml Low Profile qPCR 96 Well White Plate, (Beyaz, Roche & Bio-Rad Type)
10Ad/pk 40,5 USD
+%20 KDV
1.846,80 TL
0.1ml Low Profile qPCR 96 well White Plate (semi skirted)
• Thin Walled tube for best heat transfer
• Made of USP VI Polypropylene
• Free of DNase, RNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitor, ATP,Endotoxin. All products are ready to use in qPCR
• Evaporation rate below 5%, saving cost on reagents
• Two kind of plate could fit almost Real-Time PCR machine
• Small package can avoid contamination by different researcher
Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar