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Starpet Pro Cordless Pipette Controller (Continental Charger)


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ErgoOne® FAST Pipette Controller (Otomatik Serolojik Pipet, Katalog Ürünüdür)
1 Ad/pk 422,1 EUR
+%20 KDV
18.741,24 TL


  • Suitable for use with all 1-100ml glass or plastic pipettes
  • Fills a 25ml pipette in under 3 seconds
  • Can be recharged during use
  • Powerful pump
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Environmentally friendly nickel metal hydride battery
  • Unique recharging stand, suitable for use on the bench or mounted on wall, which houses the controller with or without a pipette in place
  • CE marked

Use with STARLAB's Serological Pipettes

Starlab Marka Serolojik Pipetler ile kullanılması önerilir.

Product Size Price TL Quaintity
0.45µm Filters for StarPet Controller
5 Ad/pk 61,05 EUR
+%20 KDV
2.710,62 TL